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Helps BUILD UP MUSCLE Strength: Almond dairy is filled with B vitamins like iron and riboflavin which are believed as the inspiration of muscle development and healing. 6. High In Supplement D: Lack of supplement D prospects to brittle bone fragments, exhaustion and weak muscle groups. Consuming dairy will prevent this almond. This is among the top great things about milk almond. 7. Prevents Skin Problems: This milk contains 50 percent of the daily recommended intake of vitamin E and has several antioxidant properties that work a good deal in making your skin healthy and in addition prevent medical issues.Stem cell therapy helps some men with erectile dysfunction Men struggling to come with an erection after prostate medical procedures enjoyed normal intercourse because of stem cell therapy, researchers are to survey Sunday in a medical meeting in London. In first-phase clinical tests, eight out of 15 continent males suffering from erection dysfunction had sex half a year following the one-time treatment, without recourse to medications or penile implants. The positive result showed no signs of flagging throughout a subsequent year-long monitoring period. ‘So far as we all know, this is actually the first-time that a human being study having a 12-month follow-up shows that the procedure is enduring and safe and sound,’ stated Lars Lund, a teacher at Odense University or college Medical center in Denmark who took component in the tests.